Third Watch Season 5 Episode 17 : Maritza goes all out on the hunt for Michael after Dade dies, as does Bosco, who's intent on finding his brother before Maritza does; Faith calls Maritza a liar in front of Swersky when Maritza claims that she saw Michael shoot Dade; Fred is still angry about Faith repartnering with Bosco, and refuses to discuss it; Breene revisits the house and urges the paramedics to talk to professionals or to each other to help deal with the stress of the shootout; looking to collect the reward for information leading to Dade's killer, Anthony tells Maritza where Michael can be found after she lies to him about her relationship with Bosco; Bosco finds Michael moments before Maritza, and his brother claims that he's innocent and that a drug dealer named Spider was Dade's murderer; Spider comes out with machine guns blazing when Maritza, Sully, Ty, Faith and Bosco attempt to arrest him, and a ferocious gun battle ensues; Maritza agrees to work with Michael as an informant after Bosco pleads for his

Episode Title: Family Ties (2)

Air Date: 2004-03-05


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