Third Watch Season 5 Episode 14 : Steeper exiles the paramedics to permanent fixed posts on the street, which upsets everyone on the squad except Doc, who refuses to let anything put a damper on his unusually upbeat attitude; Carlos is less than thrilled when Doc invites Christian to accompany them on a ride-along without getting the proper authorization; when Bosco goes after Nardo for his veiled threats against Rose, Nardo tries to set Bosco up to look like a dirty cop; Rose is fired after Bosco destroys poker machines owned by Nardo in the bar where she works; on the eve of her return to duty, Faith tells Bosco that she wants to repartner with him; Sasha's second thoughts about the plan she and Bosco hatched to repay Nardo for threatening Rose and attempting to frame Bosco turn out to be on target when Nardo flees after murdering two men; Doc and Sasha hook up after Doc throws a big party at his house for his co-workers.

Episode Title: Blessed and Bewildered

Air Date: 2004-02-13


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